Nutritional and Herbal Medicine
Many, if not most health problems have a nutritional deficiency as part of their root cause.  This deficiency is not  a
lack of synthetic, individual vitamins or minerals.  Instead, it is a lack of what we call "genuine, whole replacement
parts".  This concept is vastly different than what is commonly recognized as nutritional intervention today and this is
because most nutritional products on the market today have been extracted from their whole source and then
synthesized in a man-made process, often in very large doses and without the necessary vital cofactors that are
needed for our bodies to utilize them properly.  "Whole nutrition", on the other hand, includes a variety of whole
substances that are carefully derived from organic sources.  These whole products are in perfect balance because
they have not been altered from their natural state.  Mother nature has supplied us with all the nutrients we need in
perfect balance.  Do you think that our bodies are designed to ingest 3,000 mg of vitamin C at once?  It is our belief
that our bodies were designed to ingest vitamin C, the way mother nature made it which is vitamin C along with all the
other cofactors (both known and unknown) present to create a biosynergistic effect for our bodies to use efficiently.  
There are times when a nutrient or herbal remedy might be needed in larger doses and in these situations, it is best
to have  "whole" nutrition as a base for these larger doses.

One of the best examples of the difference between synthetic vs. whole nutrition comes from Dr. Bruce West's "Health
Alert" (September, 2006, Volume 23, Issue 9).  Dr. West reminds us of recent studies which showed that vitamins B6,
B12 and Folic acid do NOT prevent or help cardiovascular disease.  He further points out that these studies used
synthetic, isolated B-vitamins!  Not one of the vitamins used were in their natural, "whole" form.  Had these studies
used B-vitamins that come from heart, bone, adrenal and liver extracts along with other natural sources to enhance
cardiac function, the results would have been significantly different.  How do we know?  Ask Dr. West (along with any
honest cardiologist) - He has over 30 years of experience in treating thousands of cardiac patients with "whole",
natural nutrition.  The foundation for any patient's nutritional program in our office is built with "whole" nutrition
prepared by Standard Process Inc., a company that has truly been an original in whole food nutrition dating back to

Herbal medicine has become widely accepted and even part of mainstream health care in many countries outside the
United States.  Here in the US, the use of herbal medicines has increased greatly over the past 15-20 years.  There is
an enormous amount of research validating the use of medicinal herbs for a variety of health problems.  However, an
herbal preparation is only as good as the people who make it.  Mediherb, a sister company of Standard Process Inc.
has invested millions of dollars in research and development to determine the best method to prepare medicinal herbs
so that they can be bottled and stored while maintaining their effectiveness.  In our practice, we have found that many
health problems result from a lack of whole nutrients (as opposed to a lack of herbs) but there are many instances
where the addition of an herbal medicine to the "whole nutrient foundation" is what is required to overcome an illness.  
It is important to remember that we all came into this world with a need for whole nutrition just the way mother nature
made it.  We did not come into this world needing herbs for our bodies to work correctly.  This doesn't mean that
herbs are not effective in helping us with our health.  It simply means that we need to build our foundation with whole
nutrients THEN we can consider the addition of herbs when needed.  Perhaps the best example of these applications
is the use of herbs for male prostate problems.  Historically, many men have used the herb Saw Palmetto for swelling
in their prostate gland and many have experienced positive results with this herb.  However, these men often have a
need for zinc and essential fatty acids and since we came into this world with a basic need for zinc and essential fatty
acids and NOT Saw Palmetto, it is only rational to supply these genuine replacement parts to the prostate first and
then consider the Saw Palmetto as a complement.  This principle can be applied in most clinical scenarios.

Prescribing nutrients and herbs for a patients in our practice is based on the results of their evaluation which includes
motor response testing and/or laboratory testing.  Motor response testing (also known as muscle testing or
kinesiological testing) was pioneered by Dr. George Goodheart and later expanded by many but most importantly Dr.
Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Richard Versandaal and Dr. Freddie Ulan.  Here's how it works:  Each individual organ and
gland is assessed by the doctor applying pressure on it while testing the strength of a muscle.  If the muscle becomes
weak, then there is dysfunction present in that organ or gland.  Now, here is where things get interesting:  When the
correct natural remedy is placed within the patients electromagnetic field i.e. anywhere on their body, the same
organ/gland is tested as before but instead of the muscle response being weak, it becomes strong!  The logical
question many ask is:  How does a persons body respond to a substance that is simply applied to their body even
when it is placed far away from the problem area?  The answer lies in understanding that everything in our world has
a vibration or "an energy" to it.  So our organs/glands have a vibration to them and so does the natural remedy that
we are testing.  When two vibrations interact, they can either blend and resonate at a higher level OR they don't
(Sometimes when they don't, a negative interference pattern is produced).  Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature
and therefore have an electromagnetic field around them which is "vibrational".  When anything interacts with this
"field", the end result is one of three possibilities: A higher vibration (good), no change in vibration or a negative
interference pattern (not good).  Any substance can be tested toward a weak organ/gland, but only the correct
"vibration" will ultimately produce a positive response as evidenced by an immediate shift in a persons muscle
energy.  By using this testing method, we know that a particular remedy will be beneficial before the patient purchases

The other assessment tool that we use for prescribing natural therapeutics is laboratory testing.  These are the same
tests that are ordered on a regular basis by any health care practitioner and are considered the "gold standard".  
There is a tremendous amount of information that can be derived from these tests when they are evaluated
appropriately.  We utilize functional ranges in addition to the given pathological ranges of a lab report to find problems
before they become to advanced.  We also use special functional laboratory testing for endocrine (hormone) issues,
gastrointestinal issues, heavy metal toxicities and many other issues.  Effective, natural remedies can be prescribed
based on the results of a patients laboratory evaluation and follow-up labs are always in order to ensure correction.  
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