Bioenergetic Medicine
Historically, Acutherapy and Homeopathy are the two most recognized forms of bioenergetic medicine.  
In our practice, we use both depending on your specific needs.  

This history of
Acutherapy dates back 5,000-7,000 years.  This healing art involves stimulating points on the
skin, hence the term "acu", to enhance the health of an individual.  The thought behind this approach was that
stimulating specific acu-points would balance a persons life energy or "chi".  While this model is still valid
today, embryologists have discovered an interesting finding that supports the use of Acutherapy.  In days
18-21 of human embryonic life,  there are only three layers of cells:  endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm.  Of
these three layers, the ectoderm is the outermost "surface" layer and is primordial "skin" tissue.  At this time,
this surface ecoterm invaginates on itself to produce a tube called the neural tube.  This neural tube
eventually differentiates and expands to become the entire brain, spinal cord and all peripheral nerves in the
body!!  All this from primordial "skin" tissue!  So, there is a strong, everlasting, mother-child relationship
between our skin and our nervous system and since our nervous system controls and influences every part of
our body, this connection becomes very important.

Most people are familiar with the term acupuncture which is a very popular form of Acutherapy that involves
using needles to "puncture" specific acu-points.  Interestingly, during the early years of Oriental medicine,
needles were not available.  Instead, other methods were use to stimulate acu-points without actually
puncturing the skin.  These early practitioners were able to construct an entire healing art  and enhance the
lives of their people using non-invasive methods of simulating acu-points.  Today, there are many different
types of Acutherapy (just like there are many types of strokes in swimming) and acupuncture is one of them.  
We do not use needle acu-PUNCTURE in our practice but we do use Acutherapy involving vibration,
pressure and touch.  Many of our acutherapy applications are derived from the following techniques:

1. Craniobiotic Technique (CBT) developed by Anthony Smith DC (
2. Neuromodulation Technique, developed by Leslie Feinberg DC (
3. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET), developed by Devi Nambudripad DC, LAc, MD
4. Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT) developed by Carolyn Jaffe D.Ac and Judith Mellor RN

Homeopathy involves the use of plant, animal or mineral substances diluted hundreds and thousands of
times to the point where they trigger healing responses within the body.  The action of Homeopathic
remedies are vibrational in nature.  In order for a remedy to work effectively, it has to have a similar vibration
to what the body needs.  There are many different types of Homeopathic remedies to choose from and If a
chosen remedy's vibration is not similar enough to trigger a healing response, it will NOT do any harm to the
body but it will not help the problem either.  This is why Homeopathic remedies are so safe to use.

There are two approaches in Homeopathy:  Classical and General.  In classical homeopathy, one remedy is
prescribed to address a variety of symptoms that an individual experiences.  We do NOT practice classical
Homeopathy but we're glad to refer our patients to a classical Homeopathic practitioner when needed  With
regard to general Homeopathy, a variety of different remedies are used in combination to address a
particular issue in a patient.  We DO utilize this approach in our practice.  These general homeopathic
remedies are commonly used for lymphatic drainage, immune support and detoxification.

Isopathic remedies, on the other hand, are different than Homeopathic remedies.  Homeopathic remedies
follow the "law of similarity" as stated above.  Isopathic remedies follow the "law of sameness".  That is, an
Isopathic remedy's vibration is not similar, but instead is the same as the problem within the body.  So, when
a particular stressor (let's say a virus) enters the body, a "stress pattern" is produced on an energetic
(vibrational) level which often times results in a symptomatic response.  The correct Isopathic remedy will be
the same vibration as the stress pattern but it will be opposite in polarity so that it "cancels out" the stress
pattern produced by the virus.  In this way, the Isopathic remedy re-establishes balance or homeostasis in the
body for maximal healing.
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