Deschutes Alternative Healthcare PC
Doctors Richard & Marie Hebert
Chiropractic Physicians
Our Experience

Dr. Marie Hebert has over 28 years of
experience and Dr. Richard Hebert has over
27 years of experience.  Over these years,
both doctors have fine tuned their skills to help
you with whatever you need using a variety of
natural healthcare approaches.  They also
know where to send you in the event they do
not feel as though they can help.  Please visit
the "About Us" page on this website for more
information about the doctors.
The Best of Natural, Alternative Healthcare

For centuries, human beings have relied upon natural
methods to address health ailments.  These methods
include acutherapy, nutrition, herbal medicines,
manipulation, homeopathy and many others.  In the
early-mid 1900's, these approaches became
overshadowed by pharmaceutical & surgical intervention
which has continued to dominate health care in the Western
world. Thankfully, the public has recognized the limitations
of pharmaceutical and surgical intervention and has begun
to resort back to natural health care.  In fact, a study
published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1993
revealed that approximately 34% of all correspondents in
the study utilized unconventional, alternative therapy in the
previous year.

It is our belief that we are designed to heal naturally
whenever possible.  This does not mean that drugs and
surgery do not hold a valuable place in our health care
system.  These methods have saved many lives and are
irreplaceable.  It simply means that If you suffer from a
non-life threatening health condition, your body deserves a
chance to heal naturally before resorting to drugs &/or
surgery since these methods have negative side effects.  
We are here to help you recover your optimal health
regardless of age or problem.  Many, if not most health
problems begin as "functional disorders" and remain that
way or they progress to a point of end stage pathology.  We
specialize in addressing functional disorders to enhance
your health and prevent health problems from getting to an
end stage.
1425 NE Revere Avenue
Bend, Oregon 97701
(541) 382-9595
What we do

For people of any age, we provide natural,
alternative health care for a variety of non-life
threatening conditions utilizing nutritional
intervention, Chiropractic care, Craniosacral
Therapy, neuromuscular therapy, rehabilitative
exercises, acutherapy and bioenergetic
medicine.  Our first obligation to all of our
patients is to make sure they do not have a life
threatening problem or a problem that requires
immediate pharmaceutical &/or surgical
intervention.  Therefore, all of our patients
undergo a thorough health consultation,
physical examination and any other necessary
testing procedures such as blood tests,
X-Rays, MRI, CT scans, etc..  If a condition
warrants the use of immediate pharmaceutical
&/or surgical intervention, an immediate referral
will be made.  If a condition is not a true
medical emergency, then we will explain all the
natural, alternative options of treatment.